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On May 23, 2017 by Ryan A Panter

May 18, 2017

Dear Parents of Sixth- and Seventh-Graders:

Each year the district has sixth- and seventh-grade students turn in their iPads at the end of the school year. Over the summer, the staff can then update the iPad and make any necessary repairs. This should also speed things up at the beginning of the school year.

We are sending this letter to make sure that you and your child are ready for your school’s iPad collection day and to avoid any confusion about the pickup process.

In order to collect the iPads, each student must first turn in his/her iPad in the original school-issued protective case as well as turn in its charger with block and cord. The case must contain the school-issued ID card (the white barcoded card on the back of the case with the student’s photograph). If the case does not contain the ID card, the student will be asked to show his/her student ID. If the student is not wearing his/her student ID, the iPad collection process may be delayed.

When the student turns in his/her iPad, that student will be required to electronically sign a document that asks the student three things: 1) Are you turning in all of your iPad equipment?; 2) Is your iPad working?; and 3) Is your iPad cracked or broken?

Staff will check each iPad and make sure no components are missing and check to make sure that the iPad is in working condition. Should the iPad need any repairs, district staff will do that through the normal repair processes outlined in the student’s Personal Mobile Computing Guide. The school staff will let the student know if there are any charges due for repairs after checking to see whether the student purchased the Operational Protection Plan (OPP) and whether that student has already used the OPP during the year.

Here is a list of possible charges:

The student does not have his iPad. — $550.00

The student does not have his case. — $50.00

The student does not have his cord or block. $19.00

The student does have his cord but does not have the block attached. — $19.00

The student does not have his iPad’s cord. — $10.00

The student’s iPad has a cracked screen. — $100.00

The student’s iPad is totally destroyed or so badly damaged it cannot be repaired. — $550.00

The student’s iPad case is totally destroyed or so badly damaged it cannot be used again. — $50.00

Meadow Glen Middle will collect iPad for 7th grade Wednesday, May 24th and 6th grade Thursday, May 25th. Members of the Information Technology office will help the staff at each school keep the process running smoothly and effectively.

Throughout the school year, school staff talked to students about the need to regularly backup their information on their iPad, and they have provided instructions for backing up iPad information to Google drive. Please make sure your student backs up any information he/she plans to keep before turning in the iPad.

Thank you for your help with this process.


Dr. Bill Coon


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