8th Grade Passages

On March 1, 2019 by Ryan A Panter

We Need YOU!!

MGM will begin their annual 8th-grade Passages presentations and we need you to be a community panel member!

A panelist listens to 8th-grade students share their middle school experience and provides feedback on their journey going forward to high school and into a future career. Please consider serving and being a part of this impactful learning experience for our students. Use the link below to sign up and feel free to pass this link on to other business and community leaders interested in serving in our school.

Sign-up Link

Meadow Glen Middle School

2019 8th grade Passages

April 2, 3, and 5


The goals of Passages for all students are to:

  • prepare and deliver a formal presentation demonstrating academic achievement and growth.

  • use evidence from their work to demonstrate mastery of the learning targets.

  • explain successes and failures in order to learn from them.

  • connect habits of scholarship to academic achievement.

  • communicate progress, set new goals and elicit necessary support.

  • engage the audience using techniques such as body language, voice, and tone to build interest and involvement.

  • arrive on time and dress professionally.

Questions? contact Ashley Holmes aholmes@lexington1.net