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Erin Hamner – Madame Hamner is a South Carolina Teaching Fellow and a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina Honors College, where she earned a B.A. in French with a concentration in foreign language instruction. She completed a significant portion of her program abroad, studying at the Institut de Touraine in Tours, France in 2014 and at the Université d’Artois in Arras, France in 2015. While completing her student teaching at Meadow Glen Middle in 2016, she fell in love with the welcoming school environment, its passionate faculty, and their commitment to embracing the most progressive methods of world language instruction and assessment. In 2017, she was named a “Teacher of Promise” by the South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers Association. Madame Hamner (better known as “Madame H” by her previous MGM students) is thrilled to return to Meadow Glen Middle as an official member of the Gator family for the 2017-2018 school year! In her spare time, Madame H enjoys reading, being outdoors (especially in the mountains), as well as exploring new places and trying new foods. She can be reached by e-mail at


Cathy Potens – French


ToddTodd Spaulding, Ph.D.  (French) – Dr. Spaulding is extremely excited about his recent position at MGMS. In 2004 he graduated from SUNY-Geneseo with a B.A. in French and immediately accepted his first teaching position in Newport News School District teaching French in the Talented and Gifted Program. A year later, he was accepted into the French M.A. program at USC-Columbia where he served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. He spent 2009-2010 teaching English at the Université de Haute-Alsace as part of a teaching exchange program with USC-Columbia. In Alsace, Dr. Spaulding met his wife and for the past 8 years he has spoken French on a daily basis. Dr. Spaulding took a year off after he graduated with his M.A. in French and returned to teach English in France. With teaching in his blood, he decided to return to USC-Columbia to pursue his Doctoral Degree in Comparative Literature focusing primarily on translation theory, weird fiction and cultural identity formation. While doing his course work and writing his dissertation, Dr. Spaulding taught as a Senior Teaching Assistant for the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at USC-Columbia, primarily teaching introductory French language courses. Now that his official education has reached its apex, he’s returned to the job that he dreamed about as a high schooler, a French teacher. He is extremely excited about the opportunity to bring his passion for the French language and his 7+ years of teaching French to bear on his students this year.





BioPicSamantha Simmons – Señorita Simmons is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where she earned a B.A. in Spanish. She is originally from Houston, Texas but loves her new home in South Carolina. She is half Cuban, so for as long as she can remember she has been surrounded by the Spanish language and fun Latin American culture. In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family. She is very excited to share her love of Spanish with the students at Meadow Glen Middle School this year!



Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.25.32 AMSonia Calpanchay de Wenz – Mrs. Wenz is super happy and excited to join the MGM family! She grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she earned her B.A in World History and Argentine History with an emphasis on Teaching. Upon arrival in the United States, she taught Spanish in Nashville, TN, where she heard about country music (and Dolly Parton) for the first time! She continued her learning journey at Indiana University, where she pursued an M.A. in Latin American Studies. While at IU, she worked as a Teaching Assistant teaching Spanish. During her free time, Mrs. Wenz enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, and (of course!) learning new languages.



Valentina Salomón – Señora Salomón, a first year Spanish Teacher in MGMS. She has a Bachelor degree in Human Resources with a magna Cum Laude Honor from the José Antonio Páez University in Venezuela. She worked as a Human Resources Consultant/ Personnel Selection Department Coordinator, where she dedicated part of her time leading professional training sessions. Her family decided to come to this country, where she studied for over one year in the University of South Carolina English for Internationals Program. After she finished that Program, she decided to return to the Human Resources world, working as a Recruiter, and then as a Bilingual Medical Interpreter. Since she moved from her home country, she has felt the necessity to being more involved with her community and her language, and for the pride that she feels about her culture.  This has lead her to decide to share her knowledge and experience with the kids as a Teacher.







img_1954Jessica Stolebarger – Magistra Stolebarger is a graduate of the College of Charleston where she earned an A.B (Artium Baccalaureatus) in Classics and Foreign Language Education. She started her college career in the direction of archeology, but felt drawn to teaching after her first year. She is originally from Chesapeake, Virginia but loves her new Lexington family. In her free time she enjoys reading and drinking tea, and kayaking! She is excited to teach some Latin scholars during her first year at MGMS!





Yuxin Wang, M.A., M.Ed. (Chinese) – Yuxin (Susan) Wang, from Beijing China, graduated from Framingham State University and the Normal University of Beijing, majored in International Education, as well as Chinese Linguistics and Literature.  She will start her third year at MGMGS. Prior to teaching in MGMS, she has been teaching Mandarin Chinese in the International School system for more than 17 years, including in China, in the US and in South Korea.  She takes teaching as a ”learning by exploring” process with her students. Beyond teaching, she enjoys reading, working out in the gym and traveling. She looks forward to having a wonderful year in MGMS. You can always reach her at


Na Zhang, M.A. (Chinese Mandarin teacher) – Na (Venus) Zhang, from Xi’an city, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, China, graduated from Xi’an International Studies University with the Master Degree of Arts, majored in British Literature and Chinese Language Education. She has 11 years of experience in language teaching and used to teach English as a foreign language to university students as well as teaching middle schoolers Chinese Mandarin in China. She cherishes the “philosophy of love” in education and dedicates to find the significance of teaching. In her spare time, she loves singing, traveling and cooking Chinese food. She is looking forward to enjoying a fantastic school year with the boys and girls in MGMS.

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